The Famous Borrow Barn

We at Aspen Grove Inn at Heise Bridge believe you shouldn't have to pack everything up to have outdoor fun. So we put together our Famous Borrow Barn. Pictured is John Millburn about to tee off at the 1st tee of the disc golf course.

Here's how it works--

"Please bring back what you borrow– putting it back in the spot you found it. Have Fun! And... Thank you for visiting The Borrow Barn!"

Here's what the Famous Borrow Barn has inside--

Ladder Ball (play far away from vehicles please) Bocce (freestyle– without a bocce court) Badminton Books (permanent “borrow” is ok) Golf clubs and bags (only use at Heise Executive Golf Course 1.3 miles from AGI) jump rope football dodge balls croquet (play in grassy field to the north) freestyle disc golf (9 "holes" are set around the property; maps included) Frisbees (please play far away from pond) Board games Horseshoes (play at the horseshoe pits if they are built) Bubbles fly rods and reels, flies. Adult supervision required Lifejackets– required for children on paddleboat 5 gallon and 10 gallon drink coolers picnic basket Dutch oven equipment kite mosquito candles first aid kits child’s ring toss sets tennis balls for dogs one set of juggling pins snowshoes fire pit roasting sticks balls and mitts and bases

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