We Love Our Guests... Not a Virus

At our Inn we’ve always strived to take great care of our guests.

We have asked our staff to rotate with another staff member if one is sick. We have enhanced and re-emphasized our already high standards of cleaning to include sanitizing surfaces of high-touchpoint locations.

We want to assure you that we take our guests’ health and wellness seriously, just as we do our own. As always, we welcome phone calls at 208-523-6339.

As a very young boy, Sharon’s son was on chemotherapy for 3½ years, and “keeping away the bad bugs” has always been a way of life for their family.

We want to help you keep you and your family safe too.

Enjoy our nice products by washing your hands often, especially after touching your face or blowing your nose. Gezundheit!

Enjoy your healthful stay at

The Aspen Grove Inn at Heise Bridge

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